About Us


Argeloji was established by the team which has experienced many international projects in Smart Building and Cities.

Argeloji manufactures vertical based solutions and products by using sensors, mobile applications for business world to provide business intelligence, business excellence and operational efficiency.

These vertical based solutions are located in the BlueOperation which is developed by Argeloji team.

BlueOperation is an IoT based Business Operation Process Management Software that provides digitalization of processes and task tracking under each process.


BlueOperation has capability of integrating various systems to receive real time data from site (human, time, things, macro & micro locations, environment) to process and deliver  “Operational Decision Support” for operations, “Tactical Decision Support” for executive managers, “Strategical Decision Support” for board.

Argeloji has the following services for corporates overall,


Upon our customer’s request, we are analyzing, commenting and reporting the results of the smart data processed by our BlueOperation platform with our experienced consultants for business excellence and operational efficiency.

Digital Transformation

We are giving consultancy for digital transformation requirements of the corporations under our solutions and realizing the digital transformation with our end to end solutions.

IoT Solutions

We are providing micro IoT solutions for even one single process that you would like to digitalize.  Based on your specific requirement you can select one of our BlueOperation Process Support Modules.

Business Enhancement

We are determining location and time-based metrics with the solutions we provide. While you are improving the management of your operation processes, we are delivering real-time and reliable data from the site in your business.


We are using BLE, LoRa, UWB, RFID, NFC, QR, Mobile Apps in our solutions and products. Moreover, we are directly selling these core technologies as well as the integration on the site.


Argeloji works together with global scale manufacturers for developing projects, technology transfer and distribution of core technologies for the customers.


Road Friend

Argeloji aims to become most valuable solution partner on the way to digital transformation of the companies. Using IoT solutions to provide operational efficiency, business analytics and business excellence services for your use cases.

Correct choice

Based on your project requirements, we are selecting multiple IoT technologies and combining them under one platform to produce best outputs for you. After the best technology deployment, you can start using them right away.


Argeloji has many partnership agreements with the best IoT technology manufacturers from all around the world. Thanks to this ecosystem we have expanded our technology range which includes almost every usable IoT technologies in the world.


Our solutions are capable of providing BLE, LoRa, UWB, RFID, NFC, QR, Mobile Apps. In addition, we can easily integrate your other existing systems such as ERP, CRM or Project Management software, Fire Detection Systems, Video Surveillance System and Access Control System.


Argeloji not only integrates the multiple IoT technologies but also develops and customizes software and mobile applications. We ensure all the projects that we have taken-up reach to the point when our clients start to use them right away.