Business Metrics Enhancement

Business Metrics Analytics will let the managers know what kind of improvement is required to do. Our advanced IoT Platform and algorithms have great tools to support your business improvement actions. Argeloji team can provide customized IoT solutions such as safety scenarios for supporting HSE team. Safer workplace brings more trusted workplace, less cost and better operations. A route optimization can increase the forklift activities in better ways to attain efficient storage experiences. Argeloji also creates great mobile applications for you to improve your workers’ or customers’ mobile experiences.

On the other hand, the actions to make the division profit by loss greater than 1 is the most important thing for the sustainability of the business. Less operational cost with real time reports and uncorrupted data by the time delays or human initiative is one side of this medallion.  Our solutions are aiming to make profit bigger, loss smaller.

For more use cases to business metrics enhancement, please visit our solutions page.  You are always welcome to discuss the best customized IoT solutions for your business metrics analytics and enhancement.

  • Workforce Analytics & Management
  • Operational Safety & Security Enhancement Solutions
  • Valuable Inventory Tracking
  • Forklift Navigation
  • Workflow Process Management
  • Environment Condition Monitoring
  • Corporate Library
  • Cleaning Staff Task Management
  • Security Staff Task Management
  • Maintenance Staff Task Management
  • Personnel Request Scenarios
  • Customer Behavior Analytics
  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Services
  • Indoor Location & Navigation
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Find my Vehicle & Navigate Me Application
  • Guest Presence Monitoring
  • Gas Station Digitalization