• Project Name Blue Factory
  • Client Blueoperation
  • Category Factories, Package Solutions
  • Delivery Mode BLE, RFID, QRCODE, NFC, MobileAPP
  • Year Built 2018

Blue Factory

Creating a connected factory by people, devices, machines and assets will improve many factory metrics such as safety,
operational efficiency, inventory management, process monitoring and so on .
We provide excellence solutions for the factory operations.

For Operations

  • Micro Location Based Safety Scenarios
  • Precaution for accidents
  • SOS Alarm Button
  • Time Limited work place alarm scenarios
  • Partner dependent work place alarm scenarios
  • Location-Based Task Assigment
  • Production Line Moitoring
  • ERP Integration
  • Contactless Shift Monitoring
  • Location Based Workforce Analytics
  • Location Based Personnel Authorization
  • Dynamic Workforce Planning
  • Personnel Heatmaps
  • Forklift Tracking & Navigation
  • Inventory-Worker Matching
  • Location-Based Inventory Tracking
  • Room Temperature
  • Gas Sensor
  • Room Humidity
  • Alarm Scenarios
  • Third Part System Integration
  • Guard Tour Tracking
  • Guard Tour Alarm Scenarios
  • Guest Entrance & Exit Monitoring
  • Guest Presence Location
  • Mobile Corporate Library
  • Corporate Survey
  • Online Chat

Administrative feedbacks of spent man-hours from the assigned locations.

Optimized task assignment for the specified locations.

Effective inventory usage analytics

Improved vehicle operations by route optimization for moving vehicles.

Pre-defined monitoring eyes on the valuable assets and inventories

Visiting Hours Safety for both visitors and companies

Enhanced security precaution for micro locations

Spending quality time and shopping in the best way.

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