• Project Name Blue Mall
  • Client Blueoperation
  • Category Malls, Package Solutions
  • Delivery Mode BLE, RFID, QRCODE, NFC, MobileAPP
  • Year Built 2018


The shopping experience of the future will be filled with sensors to provide customers with service insights.
BlueMall provides excellent solutions for the customers, tenants and the facility management operations.

For Customers

  • Indoor Positioning
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Floor Plans
  • Event Lists
  • Store Lists
  • 4D Information
  • Online Request Forms
  • Easy Wifi Access
  • Find My Friend
  • Vehicle Finder at the Parking Areas
  • Ticket Payment

Comfortable & cheerful shopping experience

Not missing any events or campaigns in the Malls.

Customer facility discovery enhancement.

Spending quality time and shopping in the best way.

For Tenants

  • Push Notification
  • Store Information
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Easy CMS Management
  • Easy Access to Customers
  • Instant Feedback from Customers
  • Mobile Service Interactions
  • Customer Traffic Density
  • Motion Profiles
  • Most Active Days & Hours
  • Most Active Regions
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Satisfaction Survey
  • Voting The Best Store
  • Request for Facility Service

Comfortable & cheerful shopping experience

Providing rental space for tenants in the Mall mobile area.

Customer loyalty enhancement

Feedbacks for tenants with data collected from the Mall mobile app.

Specific location-based customer and store statistics

For Facility Management Operation

  • Cleaner Tracking
  • Usage Density
  • Service Request Button
  • Guard Tour Tracking
  • Guard Staff Alarm Scenarios
  • Service Request Button
  • S&M Routine Task Tracking
  • S&M Request Button

Interactive service request from customers for the toilets or the security required situations.

Optimized task assignment for the specified locations.

Administrative feedbacks of spent man-hours from the assigned locations.

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