Customized IoT Solutions

From our experience, every business and company has their own characteristic and approach to business. Therefore, even within the same industry, different companies may have very unique requirements based on their operational activities and goals.

Beside new IoT technologies, we also provide integration abilities with existing building automation and safety & security systems such as Fire Detection System or Video Surveillance System. Different type of use cases can always be considered for example, in a building where the personnel who carry beacons can easily be located in case of fire. In addition, a CCTV camera also can be automatically focused or turned to the event scene for a confirmation.

The flexibility of Argeloji team makes the IoT solutions customizable and suitable for you. Argeloji team finds a way to realize your projects.

Customizable IoT Solutions

  • Workforce Analytics & Management
  • Operational Safety & Security Enhancement Solutions
  • Valuable Inventory Tracking
  • Forklift Navigation
  • Workflow Process Management
  • Environment Condition Monitoring
  • Corporate Library
  • Cleaning Staff Task Management
  • Security Staff Task Management
  • Maintenance Staff Task Management
  • Personnel Request Scenarios
  • Customer Behavior Analytics
  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Services
  • Indoor Location & Navigation
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Find my Vehicle & Navigate Me Application
  • Guest Presence Monitoring
  • Gas Station Digitalization