• Explanation Tracking the exact location, status of the Inventories, Forklifts, Tow Trucks, AGVs, Tools and their route is essential to ensure that the fleet is fully utilized and digitalized.
    We are providing real time location points of your inventories inside of your facilities using the most powerful UWB with RTLS solution from Sewio together with our BlueOperation platform. Location Based Real Time Asset monitoring brings the reassurance that you have true visibility of your facilitates and the people, assets and vehicles within it. With highly accurate positioning, improved streamlining and staff safety at the forefront of your processes, the advantages of leveraging these technologies are great and the money saved is significant.
  • Solution Name Operational Inventory Monitoring
  • Platform Blueoperation
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  • used technology BLE, RFID, QRCODE, NFC, GPS, UWB, LoRA
  • Year Built 2018